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115 €/m2 € 0
  • Status: For sale
  • Property type Regulated land
  • Region: Southeast Bulgaria
  • City: Obzor
  • Цена: € 0
  • Plot: 2997.00 sq.m.
Полное описание


Airport, Bus Station, Taxi, Lift, Restaurant

Region info

Obzor (Bulgarian: Обзор; Greek: Ναύλοχος - Naulochos; Latin: Naulochus, Tetranaulochus, or Templum Iovis) is a town in Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast. The Thracian name of Obzor was Naulochos, a small port on the coast of Thrace, a colony of Mesembria. The ancient Romans named it Templum Iovis (Temple of Jupiter); Pliny called it Tetranaulochus. (Strabo vii. p. 319, ix. p. 440; Plin. iv. 11. s. 18.)

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