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Apartments by the beach in Primorsko
Apartments by the beach in Primorsko
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€ 32 000
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We offer for sale apartments in a complex,located in Primorsko in 55km. disance from Bourgas city and in 60km. distance from the Airport in Sarafovo.The unique complex is located next to the sea and has a wonderful seaview to the beach and the dunes.Near is located the famous Ropotamo reserv.The combination of sea and dunes makes Primorsko wanted destination for rest.

The complex is suitable for holiday or permanent  living.Every apartment is for sale ready with painted walls and flooring,air conditioners and equipped bathrooms.The complex consist of two buildings with 58 different kinds of apartments in them.The complex offers restaurant with summer garden,swimming pool with area for children,security,shops.The maintenance fee is 6 euro per sq.m. per year.


Bus Station, Taxi, Lift

Region info

Primorsko (Bulgarian: Приморско) is a town in southeastern Bulgaria, part of Burgas Province. A well-known resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, it is located on a gore 52 km south of Burgas and has a beach strip of about 1 km². The average temperature is 27°C in July, often reaching 30-33°C and making Primorsko a favourable place for tourism. The rivers Ropotamo and Dyavolska reka run close to the town, and the Snake Island reserve is also nearby. Remains of stone anchors from the second half of the 2nd millennium and the 1st millennium BC have been discovered in the waters around Primorsko, which can possibly be linked to Thracian navigation. Remains of lead anchors from the 4th-5th century BC have also been found, as well as traces of Copper Age pottery and stone tools. Valchanovo kale, the ruins of a nearby medieval fortress, which inhabited from the Early Iron Age to the Late Middle Ages, are often linked with the fortress of Ranouli mentioned in the Hambarli inscription of Krum of Bulgaria. Medieval amphoras and pottery have been found in the mouth of the Ropotamo, and the ancient waystation and fortress of Gera is thought to have been located on Maslen nos. Ottoman documents of the 16th century mention a locality called Zonarita in the area. The eastern traveller Evliya Çelebi marks a cove by the name of Küprü liman at the place. During the Ottoman rule of Bulgaria, there existed a pier used to transport Strandzha wood and charcoal to Constantinople and other major cities. The modern Primorsko was founded in 1879 as Kyupriya by four families from Zabernovo and Balgari who cleared the forest and built houses. In the vicinity were two abandoned Circassian villages; the Circassians had fled to Turkey fearing retribution for their atrocities in Bulgaria. Other Bulgarians from Central Strandzha came and briefly populated these villages, but then decided that Kyupriya's pier is a better source of income, and soon moved there despite the danger of malaria which Dyavolsko blato (Devil's Swamp) constituted. Primorsko was declared a national sea resort in 1953. In 1981, it was merged with Kiten and became a town, and in 1998 it split from Tsarevo municipality by means of a local referendum. One of the smaller towns in Bulgaria by population, Primorsko has seen a remarkable increase of residents in recent years, topping the list of Bulgarian towns by population growth between December 2004 and June 2005 with 13.5%.

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